• Company Philosophy
    People-oriented, ethical treatment, customer first, quality pilot
    Talent pool
    Complete talent pool plan
    The company has a complete set of talent reserve plans. On the one hand, through the establishment of a talent reserve database, it establishes a talent reserve database for main positions to prepare for the company's urgent need for personnel for reference and contact; on the other hand, through planned training and job rotation within the company To achieve the purpose of promoting the growth of talents. The following indicators have been initially reached:
    1. In terms of employee turnover, the company has changed from passive to active, and the employee turnover rate is controlled between 10%-20%.
    2. For key technical positions or management positions, the reserve talents will reach 3-5; for non-key positions, there are ways to recruit suitable personnel in time when needed.
    3. Improve the timeliness and effectiveness of employee training.
    4. The staff's sense of competence and loyalty are improved.
  • Service Principle
    From the customer's point of view, think about customer needs

    Quick response principle

    Quality problems reported by customers must be answered within 4 hours;
    For major problems, technical service personnel must arrive at the site within 24 hours;
    For all quality problems, all departments must help customers solve the problem within the first time;

    Principle of empathy

    From the perspective of the customer, think about customer needs;
    Really feel the customer's worries, and effectively solve the problems in products and services, so that customers can use products with confidence