Sandi has been providing market-leading products for the power charging industry for 10 years

Zhejiang Sandi electric was officially established in 2008. Previously, it was a small private enterprise. After nearly 18 years of efforts, the company used heavy money to hire high-tech innovative talents, which greatly improved the company's products in a short time, and changed the company from a simple assembly production enterprise to an innovative technology enterprise integrating R & D, design and production.


Yueqing Sandi electric was promoted to Zhejiang Sandi. Sandi Electric has been established for nearly 10 years since 2008. It has witnessed our sweat and enthusiasm when starting a business, our persistent pursuit of product quality, and every step from weak to strong and from nothing.


The company is here to thank the senior engineers and designers who have made great contributions to the company's products, the inspectors who strictly control the product quality of the company, and the assembly workers who are responsible for the meticulous production of the company's products. It is the agent, salesperson and foreign trade personnel who vigorously promote the company's products to the market. Thank you! We will move towards brilliance together!

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